Experience Serving Tampa Bay area as a Law Enforcement Officer and Prosecutor

If you have been arrested, the court process can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. When I meet with clients, I provide a road map of what you can expect, given your individual circumstances. To discuss your case, contact us for a legal consultation.

Areas of Practice

My former career as a law enforcement officer has given me the first-hand knowledge and experience in the enforcement of laws of the State of Florida, the development of probable cause, articulation of reasonable suspicion, police report writing, collection of evidence, police pursuits, preserving a crime scene, taking witness statements, canvassing, proper police procedure, use of force, and adherence to an individual's constitutional rights during contact, arrest, interview and interrogation.

Criminal Law

Each case is different as each case is fact specific. As defense counsel, my role is to review the prosecution's case which may involve police reports, lab reports, witness statements, video, photographs, electronic recordings, and in some cases DNA evidence.

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Drug Crime Law

During my career in law enforcement I worked six years as an undercover narcotics detective. I have investigated and arrested hundreds of individuals for possession, sale, trafficking, and manufacturing of marijuana, cocaine, MDMA (Ecstasy), methamphetamine, and prescription drugs.

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DUI  / BUI  Law

If you have been arrested for DUI, you may want to consider your legal options and understand the criminal and civil process prior to going to court. A DUI conviction may lead to a suspension of your driver’s license, criminal penalties, and an increase in your car insurance.

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Traffic Law

Before you pay that traffic ticket you may want to consult with an attorney. Traffic Tickets may have a financial impact on your insurance rates, driving history record, employment, and in some cases your criminal record.

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Eviction Law

Representing Landlords, Investors, and Property Managers in Residential and Commercial Evictions. As a solo practitioner I strive to offer my clients personal and prompt attention.

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  • Right to Counsel
  • Right to Remain Silent
  • Right of Presumed Innocence
  • Right to a Speedy Trial
  • Right to a Jury Trial (most cases)
  • Right to Testify on one's own behalf
  • Right to cross examine and confront witnesses

Informational Videos

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